Gibson ES345 Freddie King Tribute #180 of 200

Gibson ES345 Freddie King Tribute #180 of 200

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The 2016 Gibson Custom Shop Tribute  ES-345 VOS is a historically accurate re-creation of the beloved 1964 ES345 guitar played by the great Texas blues legend Freddie King. It is one of the best Gibson Reissues guitars I have seen and Gibson Custom Shop did an unbelievable job in recreating an exact replica!! The split parallelogram fingerboard inlays are my favorite Gibson neck inlays with rolled fingerboard binding. It even has Freddie's personalized truss rod cover! The pickups are a great set of MHS humbuckers for true PAF tone. with historically accurate "Patent Applied For" replica with airy tone and unbalanced coils. Slightly under wound. With the Veritone Switch and stereo output jack you have the option of numerous tone combinations. The body is Accurate late 50’s body shape with ‘mouse ear’ cutaway horns, Frets: Period-correct .100" x .045" fret wire, and Finish: VOS nitrocellulose lacquer in Sixties Cherry. With Franklin Titebond 50, Hot hide glue and Maple centerblock, Quartered Adirondack Spruce braces the sound waves resonate within the hollow airspace of the Maple veneered Body, around the F-holes, and throughout the solid glue joints. And the list goes on of spec's for this guitar. If you are a Freddie King fan or just or a fan of ES345's this is one you should seriously consider. I can't believe the price is this low for this much work and technology. There are only 200 of these made for worldwide distribution.

All of the above just adds up to an amazing guitar for collecting of paying!

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