PRS Private Stock #5568 Paul's Graphite Guitar

PRS Private Stock #5568 Paul's Graphite Guitar


To me the PRS Private Stock guitars, even if they are the same model and spec's, are going to be a little different and unique. Also, it is impossible to show the true beauty of the guitar is photo's. Below are some of the features of this specific guitar. I personally was drawn to the simplicity of this guitar as opposed to some of the PRS models with a dozen tone configurations. The guitar plays itself and sounds incredible. I have been a guitar collector most of my life and this is one of the finest guitars I have ever owned. Comes with amazing paisley case.

This is special PRS Private Stock Paul's Model. The color is Yellow Tiger Smoke Burst and has a quilted maple top finished in high gloss Nitro. The back wood is light weight African Mahogany. The neck os Dark Peruvian Mahogany and has a 92 million Super high Modulus Graphite non-adjustable truss rod. The finger board is African Blackwood with Paua and mother of pearl Brushstroke birds. It has 408X pickups with coli tap switches. See the specification sheet for all of the details.

Price includes custom packing and next day insured air shipping. (USA pnly)

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