Gretsch Custom Shop 6120 Brian Setzer Aged Tribute

Gretsch Custom Shop 6120 Brian Setzer Aged Tribute


I have owned guitars for forty odd years and seen how they age and this is one of the miracles of the of the custom shop that they can create a guitar that not only looks but feels aged. The thing I loved about this guitar is the vintage feel and how much fun it is to play.

Modeled after 1959 Gretsch 6120 that was played by guitarist Brian Setzer when he founded the Rockabilly Super Group Stray Cats. The relic and ageing work on this guitar is amazing! It has every scratch and dent of Setzer's original that he still plays today.. They even recreated his decals! The Bigsby is a B6CB and the Space Control bridge is custom fortified with double-sticky carpet tape. The empty hole by the pickup selector is where a tone knob is supposed to be. It comes with a CD where Brian explains he never understood what this switch did so he just pushed it in the body so it was not in the way. . He also tells where the skull, black cat and “Lucky Lady” stickers on the original guitar came from and how he drilled out two dice for pickup and volume knobs. So not only do you get the exact guitar Brain himself explains the mythology of the instrument which I have never seen done by any custom shop. This is a very limited edition with only 59 made for worldwide distribution this painstakingly crafted by Gretsch Master Builder Stephen Stern in the Gretsch Custom Shop in California, this guitar is one of the very few brand new examples remaining on the market.

Price includes custom packing and next day air insured shipping. (USA only)

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