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Custom One of a kind Art Guitars

GZ Guitars was founded by a professional artist and musician with the only purpose of producing top-of- the line art guitars. We are not a music store that includes art guitars in our inventory or artists painting guitars. We only work with professional artists who have established careers. We have worked with many notable artists and our guitars are true pieces of art. Every guitar built by GZ Guitar is a Custom “One of a Kind” Art Guitar and will never be reproduced. Our guitars are top-of- the line Custom Shop instruments, many with custom electronics and hardware to improve their sound, appearance, and value. We have custom shop technicians that are capable of handling custom improvements upon request and ensure that each guitar is ready for top performance before it is delivered to the customer. Because of our custom shop and artist relations, GZ Guitars has the ability to have artists paint a customer’s personal guitar or commission an artist of their choice to paint a guitar for them at the artist rate. We have also the ability to do custom art on guitars that require custom logos or designs.


My passion is to explore the link between music and art. I have focused, not only on building great instruments, but on making each guitar a work of art. I work with artists from all venues, and have been making high quality hand-painted art guitars for over 10 years.


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